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Information and manual (only available in English)

Welcome to the New World Apheresis Association Apheresis Registry Background
In 2002 WAA decided to start a world-wide registry of therapeutic apheresis procedures (includes collection/removal
of blood corpuscles such as stem cells). The aim is to gain insight into the internationally used indications, extent of
treatment and adverse events (either due to procedures or devices) and also to facilitate contacts among centers when
treatment indications are rare and experience limited. Knowledge will help to optimize treatments and patient information
besides improvement of devices.

Each center enters non-patient-identifiable data (coded). After the end of each year the center receives a file of
entered data. National collaboration is suggested for merged data, such as in France, Canada and Sweden (see reference
at the end).

We hereby cordially invite you to join the registry. Please, also inform colleagues at other centers such as in your
country to join. E-mail and address lists of colleagues in your country who have not registered will be welcomed.
Registration and data retrieval is at no cost for registering centers.

Then apply for your own specific username for your center to gain access. We welcome you to this registry for your
input of data.

The registry has been developed by Stegmayr BG1, Ivanovich P2, Korach JM3, Rock G4, Norda G5 and Ramlow W6.

Information and manual

Note: to use the registry the following web browsers are recommended:

- Mozilla/Mozilla Firefox
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- Netscape
- Safari (on Macintosh)

Also, make sure you don't have any popup blocking software installed or that it allows popups from this site.

Chairman, WAA Registry Committee1, President, WAA2, representatives for development of national registries in France3,
Canada4, Sweden5, and for WAA6.

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